Creme Is Kenya’s Best DJ: Here’s Why

DJ Creme dela Creme Best DJ In Kenya Tape

There is no secret that Kenya has one of the most sophisticated entertainment industries in the world. The dynamics of making it to the top is rocket science and very few entertainers have managed to climb up and stay there.
The sophistication of the industry has done little in helping to curb the laziness that has continued to be displayed by industry players. The quality of music, especially, has been an issue of great concern for the longest time now.
The musicians may be excused because of the system as it stands. The DJs, however, are largely responsible for the losses the industry has had to endure.
In countries where music is largely valued as a source of income and entertainment, the DJs are the main industry players. They influence the path taken by artists and fans alike. They are responsible for promoting old and new musicians and decide whether a song becomes a hit or not. In Kenya, they have endlessly been accused of promoting Nigerian and Tanzanian music. And it is mostly true.
One DJ who stands from the crowd is DJ Creme de la Creme. His work ethic is celebrated across the continent and is one of the most prolific self-made stories the country can boast of.
Starting off from campus in Nakuru, the laid back DJ has managed to climb the ladders of success and now wears many hats among them producer, artist, DJ and many others, His company, Epic Nation, produces merchandise and runs gigs with a professionalism rarely witnessed in the industry.
The DJ is among the very few deejays in this country that have hit the studio and are producing their own beats. This is something that has worked in many countries abroad like The Netherlands, USA, Sweden, England and the rest.
His song with Redsan and Victoria Kimani received fair airplay and now he is riding even much higher with his song featuring Naiboi.

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