Exclusive: DJ Pierra Makena Set To Join Nairobi Diaries

Exclusive: DJ Piera Makena Set To Join Nairobi Diaries

Celebrated female DJ Pierra Makena is one of the most talked about celebrity in Kenya. Over the years she has managed to amass a huge following on social media and appears on a morning show on Ebru TV.
Her entry into the music scene with the cover of Wape, a classical Kenyan song, received a major backlash on social media and her name trended for a record one week on Twitter. This song was a blessing in disguise as she instantly became a household name.
Her recent woes with fat shaming fans has also kept her on everybody’s mouth and she is even more famous than before.
These factors among many others have caught the eyes of the producers of Kenya’s most watched reality show Nairobi Diaries.
Our sources, who are close to both the DJ and the producers of Nairobi Diaries, have revealed to us that negotiations have been ongoing between Pierra and the show to have her on the show and they seem to have reached a deal.
We can now confidently report that DJ Pierra Makena will be on the next season of Nairobi Diaries. She steps in to replace Noti Flo, Risper Faith and Brian who were recently fired from the show.
This explains why the DJ has picked up a fight with Mishi Dora who is the hottest cast in the show and is known to be the driver behind the story line of most of the cast members.
It is said their legal drama which just started may all be scripted and will eventually be Pierra Makena’s entry story line in the show.
The show follows the lives of a dozen unrelated people and thus it is hard to find a story line that fits everyone unless they start their own feuds outside the show which are then followed up during the show.

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