Which Judge Will Have The Guts To Swear In Raila Odinga?

Some things always seem like a joke until they happen.
The National Super Alliance have campaigned for the better part of the year about the swearing-in of Raila Odinga as the People's President.
In some ways, these are murky legal waters because nobody is really certain if he'll be sworn in as the people's president or as the president of the Republic of Kenya.
According to the constitution of the Republic of Kenya, the president-elect takes an oath as read to him or her by the head of the Judiciary (Chief Justice).
The current Chief Justice of Kenya, David Maraga already administered the oath of office to President Uhuru Kenyatta. Chances are low that he will do the same for Mr. Odinga.
So what are the options left?
As per communications by NASA, the party leader will be sworn in by a qualified judge.
In the past week, some idle Kenyan created a letter purporting to originate from the Chief Justice. The letter warned judges of participating in the January 30 event. However, the letter was later confirmed as fake and that Justice Maraga cannot stop any judge from swearing in Mr. Odinga.
So who is this judge?
What position does she hold in the Judiciary?
Is he aware of the ramifications of an action like this?
One thing we are sure of is that the law has many interpretations and some analyses are often subjective.
To pull off such an event will require guts. Amidst a cheering crowd or in a running battle with the police.
As at now, we do not know. We can only speculate.

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