Timmy Tdat And Otile Brown Fight At Vanessa Mdee's Party

Timmy Tdat And Otile Brown Fight At Vanessa Mdee's Party

Timmy Tdat and RnB singer Otile Brown's bromance has come to an expected end after the two exchanged blows at Vanessa Mdee's party over the weekend.
Our sources who attended the party said that the two in fact arrived at the party together and were in good terms until Otile Brown excused himself to go pick a phone call.
Before the phone call all was well and both of the artists had posted posted photos of each other in their respective Instagram accounts.

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When Otile came back to the dining area, he called Timmy aside and that's where hell broke lose with the two fighting each other like h*ny lions.
Otile Brown started the whole debacle. He is the one that called Timmy to the parking lot and started raining blows on him.
But it was only a matter of time before the heavily built Timmy overpowered Otile Brown and went for the kill.
At this point Prezzo intervened and started to separate the two. Had Shaffie Weru not stepped in, Prezzo would probably be a dead man now.
The two musicians have now started a petty online fight only witnessed among Nairobi Diaries cast.

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Grow up already!

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Timmy Tdat And Otile Brown Fight At Vanessa Mdee's Party

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