Miguna Arrested In Morning Raid. Is Raila Odinga Next?

After warnings that the government would crack on those involved in the swearing-in ceremony of Raila Odinga, the second individual in the triangle has been arrested.

After the arrest and later release of Ruaraka MP, TJ Kajwang, police today arrested Miguna Miguna and by the time this article was written, he was being held at Githunguri Police Station in Kiambu.
This leaves one more person that was core to the whole event.
The man who took the oath.
Judging by the public discourse on social media, most know that it is the riskiest move.
After self-proclaimed National Resistance Movement (NRM) general Miguna Miguna was arrested in the morning, riots broke out in sections of Kibra when supporters blocked roads to express their displeasure.
He had sent the message below to media houses.

Supporters who showed up at his house scuttled after police lobbed tear gas at them.
The police alluded to Miguna's earlier comments that NRM supporters should get rid of President Uhuru Kenyatta's pictures in their businesses as one of the reasons he was arrested. His participation in the 30 January oath ceremony was also another factor.
All this leaves one more point of the triangle.
Will the former prime minister be arrested or will that be an error that will disturb the hornets' nest?

***Update- Miguna Miguna has since been released on bail.
A crowd marooned Githunguri Station saying that he should not be released.
He was re-arrested and allegedly moved at night.

Miguna Arrested In Morning Raid. Is Raila Odinga Next?

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