Tom And Jerry Revisited: NASA Versus Kenya Police Season 2

Ready for the battlefields. The scenes we expect tomorrow after NASA leadership insist that their leader Raila Odinga will be sworn in.
The last time we were this close, the country was full of jitters. We knew we would be treated to the ugly scenes of running battles and the tear-gas filled the air. However, for whatever reason, NASA postponed the planned swearing in of their party leader that was set for December 12.
Social media was awash with an invitation to the ceremony.

Many supporters became disgruntled after the postponement and some gave up the journey to Canaan, saying they would learn to survive in the desert.
Meanwhile, NASA was back to the drawing board and excited supporters when they said it would happen again.
Finally, 30 January would see Raila Odinga sworn in as the People's President.
Some believe this. Some do not while pro-Jubilee supporters make jokes about the whole event.
We've taken a seat to wait and see.
However, some actions in the past week tell of a different story.
There are some people somewhere who do not support this event and have gone to all lengths to stop it.
First, the County of Nairobi declared that Uhuru Park (NASA's intended venue) was closed for renovations indefinitely.
Kenya Police maybe? We can only make a guess.
Either way, we know that the scenes tomorrow might not be pretty. With the use of force from the police against a battalion of loyal youth that would rather stand in the shower of the water cannons while hurling stones at the police.
Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for the second season of this unnecessary waste of resources.
We only hope that nobody loses their life.
Tom says he doesn't care about Jerry songs.
But when Jerry sings, Tom is there to make sure he doesn't.
Take a stand, Tom.

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