Pierra Makena Sues Mishi Dora For Fat Shaming

DJ Pierra Makena Mishi Dora Fat

DJ Pierra Makena has taken celebrity feuds to a whole new level by taking WhatsApp talk to a court of law. Mishi Dora was served with court papers by Pierra Makena’s lawyers after what the celebrated DJ termed as continued defamation by the Nairobi Diaries act.
It is alleged that Mishi Dora talked of Pierra’s weight gain on a WhatsApp group. Mishi was not aware that Pierra Makena was also a member of that group.
In retaliation, Mishi Dora launched a scathing attack against Pierra Makena on Instagram saying that it was Pierra who started the slut shaming. She went ahead to reveal that Makena had earlier shared a gridded photo of the two to compare who was fatter. The photo shared by Pierra Makena showed that Mishi was fatter of the two.
Mishi Dora also made it clear that she was not a fan of Pierra’s weight gain saying she had three babies and was more beautiful and in better shape than the DJ who has had only one child.
Mishi also tried to bring in baby daddy issues saying she was not responsible for the fact that Pierra Makena was dumped by her baby daddy and thus the attacks against her were not necessary or called for.
Pierra Makena Sues Mishi Dora For Fat Shaming

DJ Pierra Makena has always been sensitive about her weight and has once gone on a week long rant on social media that culminated into a media tour after a social media user suggested that she had grown fat and was no longer attractive.
DJ Pierra Makena is currently the host of a fast rising morning show on Ebru TV alongside Ella Ciru, Brenda Wairimu and Monique Bett. She is also a DJ in a number of high end clubs in the city.
Mishi Dora is a cast of Nairobi Diaries and hosts a bunch of shows in clubs across the city. She has also bagged several low level endorsement deals in the Instagram economy.
It will be interesting to see where this legal battle leads the two.


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Pierra Makena Sues Mishi Dora For Fat Shaming

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