Do You Use Phones Or TV To Keep Your Kid Occupied? Read This

Parents are busy in the 21st century and working while taking care of the children is quite a handful. Most parents realize that their children are distracted by TV or mobile phones. Therefore, when the child nags too much, they find a way of availing either of these devices.
A parent on an online platform shared how she uses TV or Netflix to distract her two-year-old son.

Is using a phone bad for him? My answer would honestly be, like most things in parenting and life, “that depends”.
She adds that when you make a decision to eat out, you should have rules of no technology at the table. She admits that it is a necessary evil to let your child have the phone or TV. However, as always, it should be done in moderation.

Electronic devices should be entertainment tools and not a replacement for parenting. It would be unfortunate if a child consults the phone any time they are curious about something.
The internet and games are not 100% filtered and your child may bump into something that is toxic or harmful for their young minds.

Furthermore, it really it depends on the situation but always do what’s right for your family.
Try also to introduce storybooks and board games to keep your child occupied. If you have more than one child, have them play together to reduce the chances of boredom.


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Do You Use Phones Or TV To Keep Your Kid Occupied? Read This

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