This Is How You Differentiate True Love From Infatuation

There are times it's real, there are times it's just fleeting and it ends before you say "I love you". Here is how to differentiate infatuation from real love.

In Sickness And In Health

There's the normal excitement of meeting someone, but there's that person that you will take care of even if they get disabled. You will be broken and sad, but you will be loyal enough to stay. Infatuation doesn't work like that. Only true love does.

Love Beyond The Physical

When they are not the same person physically or financially, if you can still fall in love with them, then you fall in love with their soul and spirit. it is much more and transcends basic human needs. Ask yourself, can I love this person no matter what?

Infatuation is Illusion, Love Is Reality

Infatuation lives in illusion and fantasy while love lives in reality. Infatuation is also often one-sided, and you will realize you are the only one fighting to get your partner's attention. Love is a mutual feeling and equal contribution should come from either side.

How Long Has It Been Again?

So you went declaring that you love her from day one and you realize it was just a physical attraction. After a month, you realize you hate several things about this person and you can't stand them. Give love time and you will know if it's real. An intimate connection develops over time. Infatuation just gives a feeling of attachment that is often short term.

Point of View

If you see the relationship only from your point of view and what you want, that is not loving. Love should consider both sides and become a team effort. It should be what both of you want in the future. Love is not about only you, it's about arriving at a compromise of your needs and your partner's needs.


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