How To Truly Know If A Man Loves You

Do you keep guessing if your man truly loves you? Here are some signs that you need to look out for. Experts suggest that men actually fall in love when their woman is absent, not in their presence. While a man may say he loves you and not believe any word of it, you can be his world and you'll never hear him say it.


Women fall in love when their men are there for them. They go crazy when you show that you care and by being her strength when she feels weak. While women express their feelings verbally by saying "I love you" and all, men mostly express love through their actions. There is that way he will hold you, there is a way he will provide for you that you will know it's sincere. So pay attention to his actions more than his words.

Are You A Priority?

In your opinion, are you a priority in his life? What does your gut tell you? It's easy to tell if he is putting some of your needs before his. It means he is sacrificing time, money or other things for you. If he is willing to cancel some thing s for you, these are strong signs that you actually mean a lot to him. A man who loves you will create time to connect with you.

Plans For The Future

The most obvious telltale sign is what he implies when he is talking of his future. Does he mention you in his future? If you hear him mentioning where you guys should go next year, then you should smile. He is thinking of taking this to the next level

Support Your Dreams

True love is not selfish. If he understands that you want to start your business and prosper in it, he will support you. He will not leave when things become tough. When you see him making an effort to understand you, then you are on the right track.

When He Is Away

Do you get a call or a text that he misses you? Do you get a text or a promise to call later, or just he disappear and say he was busy? A man who loves you will desire your presence when you are away from him. Do not look at the small things. Look at the big things because men do not know how to hide their actions. If he cares, he will not make excuses.


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