How To Spot Intelligent People

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So you really want to know if the person you are dealing with is intelligent? Apart from what your gut tells you, here are some pointers that you should consider even if they are not always 100%.

Questionable Handwriting

This is not always a given, but look at your doctors and engineers. It's not really a matter of a disorderly mind but a realization that the handwriting doesn't really matter if the content you write is meaningful.

Excellent Listeners

An intelligent person is strategic and intentional. They don't like making assumptions and they tend to listen well, speak less but deliver quality opinions. The next time you see that noisy neighbors, understand her. It's probably not her fault.

 Have Few Friends

I am not talking about professional networking. I am talking about the friends they go out with or meet during the weekends and invite to their homes. Intelligent people are more selective about who they share their life with.

They Avoid Unnecessary Conflict

Intelligence means you can forecast and predict the consequences of your actions. They tend to respectfully disagree and give firm opinions only when they have to. Otherwise, they will either get out of the situation or just ignore it if it is not worth their time.

Curiosity Is Second Nature To Them

Why are you not buying that? Why are we on this earth? Intelligence drives people to question their surroundings and solve problems. Their curiosity is what gives them the thrill of life.

They Worry And Are Doubtful

Sad as it may be, intelligent people, question themselves a lot. Their self-awareness causes them to have doubts about things, which feeds into their curiosity and way of life.

You know yourself. Identify these characteristics in yourself and improve them and turn them into strengths.


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How To Spot Intelligent People

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