Teacher Shares 10 Secrets You Must Share With Your Students

As a teacher, you have the duty to teach your students the normal curriculum. However, you also have to teach them the truth about life. While sheltering them from the realities of life might seem sensible, in the long run, it's the worst you can do to them.
Here are 10 secrets you must tell your students;

  1. Good grades do not always mean success. Even average students can still make it in life. It all depends on hard work.
  2. Popularity in high school is not an obvious indicator of popularity in college. The college environment is very different and students should be ready.
  3. It is not a must to go to college. Some people are better off elsewhere and they still succeed
  4. If a parent always defends the child even when they are wrong, it makes the child think they are incapable or powerless. Let them ask to be independent.
  5. Everyone has weaknesses, whether they like it or not. It's human nature. Know your weaknesses and you will be emotionally healthy.
  6. Students who struggle with learning are more prepared for the real life because they are used to working harder than their peers.
  7. Bullies are victims of their own insecurity and they harass others because of fear.
  8. When you are humble, you are not weak. You just have decided to accept that you do not know everything, which is okay.
  9. Social skills and emotional intelligence are important because they will help you in employment and relationships.
  10. If you want to remember something, teach it to someone else. You will not forget.

Share these and build your students to be all round and ready for the world. They will be out here soon, let them not say that it is your fault that they are suffering.


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