He Has More Than Two Phones: Those Are The Signs Of A Player

There's the special breed of men who own two phones. Yes, one is the personal line while the other is the business line. However, there's also a sinister motive for that, at least for some of them.
Two is the least number of phones to have when you're a player. Of course, if you live a double life you would want to separate those two lives.

That old phone with a broken screen is probably where he keeps the phone numbers of various call girls and massage parlors where he goes to let off some steam. It has Whatsapp, Twitter, and Instagram account that he uses for his shenanigans.
While the Whatsapp is set up for specific girls who are favorites, the number is only shared with a few persons of interest.

This way, he can contact them whenever and wherever and while one of the phones is always harder to get a hold of, it is the headquarter of trysts and other escapades. When he is with family, that phone is either in airplane mode or is nowhere to be found to avoid any interruption to the "main" life. In the event that he needs to throw away evidence of his second life, the phone can quickly get spoilt or be taken out for "repair" later.

So, yeah, it is a delicate balancing game, but anyone with more than one phone is probably better placed to run a double life and have other side relationships. Maintaining more than one “other” phone is quite complex and needs people with enough reason to keep them.


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He Has More Than Two Phones: Those Are The Signs Of A Player

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