These Are The Brutal Truths Of A Relationship

It's natural to get drawn to other people and fall for them and feel like the luckiest person in the world. Sometimes, we even lose our rational mind because it becomes like a drug or a compulsive disorder. Here are brutal truths about relationships.

The Good Days

At the start of something special, everything always goes well. You promise eternal love and live like never before. You see your relationship as the perfect one and the best in the whole wide world.

Infatuation Leaves

After a while, depending on the relationship, reality sinks in and you are no longer as excited as you used to be. You look at them and your blood does not rush. You fantasize "alone time" with yourself. All of a sudden, issues like throwing socks on the floor bother you. Why doesn't he learn?
Some relationships break up at this point but some do not. Those who do not break up have a secret. They admit things are not working out. They remind themselves that they promised to make it work. They go through the motions, even if their love is on vacation

Relationships Need Work

Even when he is tired and doesn't feel like cooking the meal he promised to, he forces himself to do it. She notices and appreciates he is trying. She watches him and feels a bit of that excitement she used to feel. After a few months, they are both happy again and they realize the excitement of relationships comes and goes. “Falling out of love” is a crazy tale people tell themselves to feel better about themselves. Love is an action.


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