Campus Girl Commits Suicide. Says She Could Not Bear Losing Boyfriend To Another Woman

A police vehicle ferries the deceased from her former home on September 20, 2017. PHOTO|ANITA CHEPKOECH

Love is blind. Love is deadly. Reports say that one campus student from Kabianga University could not bear the thoughts of her boyfriend with another woman and she decided to take her own life.

Speaking to the media, Belgut OCPD, Gerald Mbae said that neighbours discovered the body in the morning and reported the matter to the local chief.
The deceased's house was locked from inside and the police had to break the door to gain access.

In their preliminary report, the police said that she only had injuries around her neck that were believed to have been caused by the nylon rope she used.
 The girl was a fourth-year student studying Communications and Public relations and it is believed she suspected her boyfriend was cheating on her.
She was a firstborn to her family and had one child. Reports showed that she had once attempted suicide about two years ago although the motive was not clear.

Cases of love relationships gone sour are many and most of the victims suffer depression and hurt due to the belief that their lovers would abandon them.

According to Archie Brodsky in "Love and Addiction":

"As with heroin and its irrecoverable euphoria, or cigarettes smoked in routine excess, something initially sought for pleasure is held more tightly after it ceases to provide enjoyment. Now it is being maintained for negative rather than positive reasons. The love partner must be there in order to satisfy a deep, aching need, or else the addict begins to feel withdrawal pain. Their emotional security is so dependent on this other individual around whom he has organized his life, that to be deprived of the lover would be an utter shock to the system of his existence.  For as with heroin and other addictions, it is traumatic for addict lovers to re-enter the broader world with which they have lost touch."

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