DJ Mo Visciously Attacks Single Moms In A Shocking Response To Njoki Chege


Njoki Chege chose DJ Mo as her target last weekend on her weekly column, City Girl, and told him some truths he couldn't bear.
Njoki Chege's article was as a result of DJ Mo stating things he did to confirm that Size 8 truly loved him for whoever he was. The things Dj Mo talked of were truly ridiculous and he got quite a backlash on social media.
In her usual scathing fashion, Njoki Chege attacked DJ Mo even going ahead to say it was the DJ who was lucky to have Size 8 and not the other way round.
DJ Mo took to Instagram to respond to the article asking Njoki Chege to approach him for marriage tips. He asked her who made her the chair lady in the counsel[sic] of apologies.

When Willy Paul reacted to the post saying we all needed people like the DJ in Kenya, DJ Mo said something more bizarre than the tests she put Size 8 to.
I hear she is a single mum she couldn't keep a man!
With this he suggested all single mums were in that position because they couldn't keep men. This is a statement that irked many people who saw this as reckless.
He has since apologized.

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