Nakumatt And Tuskys Sign A Merger Deal

Tuskys Nakumatt Merger

Nakumatt Supermarket has been forced to turn to its biggest competitor for help. Nakumatt supermarket and Tuskys supermarket has signed a merger deal that will see Nakumatt restock its empty shelves.
Nakumatt has been granted access to suppliers' stock using Tuskys supermarkets' goodwill and value chain.
Nakumatt has branches countrywide, most of which have either been closed down or have empty shelves.
Nakumatt will not be re-branded. It remains the same albeit Tuskys will provide managers to offer leadership. One of the reasons that have been provided for the chain store's downfall is mismanagement.
The main reason for this merger is to make sure Nakumatt has stock and remains afloat during these troubled times.

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