Mike Sonko Gives In, Allows Matatus Back To CBD

Mike Sonko Matatu Ban Lifted

Matatu owners have once again had their way as Mike Sonko lifted his ban on matatus entering the Central Business District for a month.
The one month grace period has been granted to allow the matatu owners to reorganize and regulate their traffic in the Central Business District.
This announcement came after a 2 hour long consultative meeting with the officials from Matatu Owners Association.
Mike Sonko said they had agreed with the association that there will be no double parking, obstruction of traffic, playing of loud music when picking and dropping passengers and picking passengers on roundabouts.
The newly elected governor also indicated that he had secured 400 buses from the National Youth Services to ferry passengers in and out of the Central Business District should matatus decide to strike to protest the new regulations.
Many have tried to drive out matatus out of the Central Business District and failed. Mike Sonko is now part of the statistics.

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