Things Get Nasty As The Grand Mulla, Dennis Itumbi And Donald Kipkorir Engage In Twitter Feud

The Grand Mullah Donald Kipkorir

Emotions flared after the Supreme Court gave its full ruling on the presidential elections petition that NASA won.
Uhuru Kenyatta's lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi alias The Grand Mullah was one of those reacting to the ruling and he seemed irked by something lawyer Donald Kipkorir said about the whole Supreme Court ruling debate.

DBK, as Donald Kipkorir is popularly know was giving his view on what he thought was being done wrong by the respondents' lawyers.
Things took a nasty turn when The Grand Mullah lost all the chills he had and replied in a way that must have surprised even DBK himself.

 At this point, there was nothing much that could be done to redeem the cordial relationship these two have had on Twitter. Being a lawyer, DBK exercised his right of reply.

The two men were done with each other but somehow government blogger, Denis Ole Itumbi, felt the need to enjoin himself in this Tweep.

He took an L so quick we didn't see it coming.
After that he tweeted his two replies which went unanswered.

And now it was the crowd's turn to eat him up.

Take several seats Ole Itumbi.

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