Striking Nurses Face The Fury Of Anne Waiguru As She Advertises Their Positions

Anne Waiguru Nurses Strike
Kirinyaga County government has advertised positions of nurses to replace those participating in industrial action. The nurses who will be employed will work on renewable contracts.
The county government led by Anne Waiguru and through the Public Service Board made the announcement in local dailies saying successful candidates will have their contracts renewed based on proven performance.
Nurses have been on strike now for more than 100 days demanding better pay and improved working conditions. Their grievances have largely been ignored by county governments. Mainstream media's focus on elections have not helped the situation either.
Patients continue to feel the heat as those who cannot afford private healthcare are being forced to wait for the worst case scenario.
Kiambu government led by Ferdinand Waititu Babayao has also advertised positions for nurses signalling that they intend to fire the striking ones.
Nyandarua governor Francis Kimemia has indicated he will not fire striking nurses in the county. He has instead chose dialogue as a means of solving the problem.

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