Kumwaga Unga Tibim! Why Babu Owino Might Lose His Embakasi East Seat

Babu Owino Gun Seat Embakasi East Tibim
Babu Owino's smooth transition from university students politics to national politics is now facing legal hurdles that are simple yet may end up costing him his seat.
Francis Wambugu, a Jubilee member and Babu Owino's closest rival moved to court on September 5th to challenge his election.
Babu Owino is being accused of failing to file and serve a notice of address of service within 5 days of being given copies of the case documents as stipulated in the election petition rules.
The poll loser wants the court to declare that Babu Owino has conceded to the petition and thus the seat be declared vacant.
It is interesting to see how this will turn out in court. Babu Owino is busy on the campaign trail vouching for the election of Raila Odinga in the upcoming repeat polls.

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