Darker Days Ahead As Nakumatt Closes Down TRM Branch

Nakumatt Shut Down

Barely a month after shutting down its branch at NextGen Mall, Nakumatt has closed down its Thika Road Mall branch to allow for stock taking.
While apologizing for any conveniences caused, the store asked its customers to access their services from the nearby branches at Garden City, Ridgeways and Wendani.
The store was the anchor tenant at the Thika Road Mall covering a massive 80000 square feet of floor space. It was opened in 2013 and was the very first on Thika Superhighway.
The family owned business is now a struggling one, unable to pay rent and is drowning in debts owed to suppliers and employees.
Many of its branches have been shut down and the remaining ones have empty shelves. People miss the ice cream and other products that only they knew how to stock.

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