We Have A Solid Case: Prosecutors Say On Joe Irungu And Jacque Maribe

A document seen by Daily Updates shows that the prosecution in the murder of Monica Kimani has a solid case. The main suspects,  Joe "Jowie" Irungu and Jacque Maribe are both in police custody as the prosecutions firm up their case.

The document, in part (paraphrased), reads;

"That  the vehicle mentioned (confirmed to belong to Jacque Maribe), was seen on the crime scene and was being driven by Joe Irungu."

"Apart from Joe Irungu, another suspect is also in custody and identity is concealed due to the sensitivity of the matter. The other suspect is helping with investigations"

"That all suspects in custody are being investigated for the offence of murder, an offence contrary to Kenyan law."

"That Jacque Maribe and Joe Irungu are believed to be in a close relationship and were residing at the premises where they were both arrested as prime suspects"

"That the other unnamed suspect gave out a firearm to Joe Irungu on 9th September 2018, and it was not the first time."

"That according to Jacque Maribe's statement, Joe Irungu tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the left chest area following a serious agreement between the two on 20th/21st September at around 1 am.

"That on that same night, Jacque Maribe and other persons rushed Joe Irungu to seek medical attention in a hospital."

"Jacque Maribe recorded a statement at Langata Police Station that Joe Irungu was shot at by a three man gang who were on a motorbike near the gate of their residence"

"That preliminary investigations show that Joe Irungu was seen in the company of another person at the crime scene"

"That some key exhibits in the case, a kanzu and a jacket were found, partly burnt at the residence of Jacque Maribe and that this was done in her full knowledge."


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