Exclusive: Was Murder Suspect Joe Irungu Trained In The British Army ? Old IG Account Suggests

An old Instagram account belonging to murder suspect Joe Irungu a.k.a Jowie has revealed new details in the life of the mysterious man connected to the murder of Monica Kimani. The Instagram account, spotted by curious Kenyans shows a life in the younger Jowie, with several pictures showing his life in the United Kingdom.

This finding bolsters claims that he is indeed a trained operative and has we may have not known about. So far, we have confirmed 3 Instagram accounts belonging to Joe. It raises questions on why he hopped from one account to another and his secretive lifestyle.

This old account has not had any posts since 2013 and it shows it was an attempt to hide his past life.
The claims that individuals he works with have arrived in the country also corroborates with this new finding.

In a post on September 11, 2013, Joe is seen posing holding a medal next to his teeth and smiling to the camera.
He captions the picture as "Pta 6. Company L. Passing out baby"

A post shared by Joe hills (@lekakenyi) on

A post shared by Joe hills (@lekakenyi) on

This new finding now connects to the picture he posted in his new accounts, asking for followers to identify him in a military parade.

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A post shared by Joe hills (@lekakenyi) on

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