Monica Kimani's Facebook Account Deleted? Here's What We Know

In  the kerfuffle resulting from the untimely murder of one Monica Kimani, the arrest of Joe Irungu and the involvement of TV journalist, Jacque Maribe interesting twists keep happening that leave Kenyans confused. As more scrutiny developed over the life of the slain businesswoman, blogs and journalists went to peruse her profile on Facebook. 

The pictures on her profile told a story of a woman who lived a lavish life and was not afraid to share her moments with the world. Particularly, she frequently mentioned her connection to Sudan where she worked in the Kenyan Embassy and acquired connections that made her said family business successful.

She posed as Monix Kimani on Facebook and as of yesterday, her profile was public and you could get her pictures and build a socio profile of the woman and her habits and character.

However, a quick search of her profile today by Daily Updates show that the profile is no longer available yet it used to appear among the first search results.

Was Monica Kimani's Facebook account deleted?

And if so, who deleted it and why?

The most common browser on Android phones is the Chrome browser, which is a product of Google. For a while now, it has been possible to save passwords in the Google password manager so that you avoid typing in your password each time you want to access the account.

Therefore, a person who knows this and is in possession of your phone can actually log into your account and change passwords, considering that your linked Gmail accounts will also be in the phone.

Our rational thought process yields two possibilities;

  1. The family of the deceased woman, deleted her account to avoid the spread of her pictures which have been shared by almost all media
  2. Detectives investigating the story deleted the account to avoid further rumours on the story but kept backup of her posts.

The second option seems more plausible to us.

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Monica Kimani's Facebook Account Deleted? Here's What We Know

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