Murkomen, Gideon Moi Roasted By Angry Farmers In Forum Over Maize Scandal

You probably did not see this on mainstream media, but Senators Murkomen, Moi and Orengo faced the wrath of angry farmers in a forum where they expressed their frustration over the maize scandal that led to the loss of billions of shillings.

The farmers, mostly represented by elderly men, repeatedly expressed anger saying that it was better to die than to live in Kenya. "Heri kifo kabsa."

"Na wale wanatukula ni wetu tena" alluding that the persons they voted for are the same ones stealing from them.

They added that those implicated in the scandal only took a proportion of the billions lost and that the rest was taken by senior people in the administration.

"Murkomen nilisoma na babako in 1954"

"Nchi haiwezi endeshwa hivi ata nyumba yako?"

Na hii cartel mnasema ni nani ambaye hamwezi mtaja? ... Kwani huyu cartel ni mbwa mwitu?

The farmers now want the National Cereals and Produce Board to be decentralized from the National Government.

Here is the video;

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