Speculations Worsen As Jacque Maribe Reportedly Ignores Calls From Police

Speculations are rife after media outlets reported that TV personality, Jacque Maribe has not answered calls from the police or her lawyer. Furthermore, Jacque did not report to work yesterday, after the saga surrounding the involvement of her fiancé in the murder of Monica Kimani.
While her fame made headlines all about her, this new development raises questions on her involvement in the whole case after detectives found gaping holes in the accounts given by her and her fiance, Joe Irungu.

Joe Irungu also known as Jowie claimed that he was a licensed gun holder but police now say that this is not the case. For a while, Irungu worked as a private security guard in Afghanistan and Dubai. It is not clear what his other jobs in the country are but speculation indicates that he has been providing security to prominent individuals.
To avoid any tampering with the investigation, Joe Irungu is being held by police for 10 days as detectives try to piece together what really happened during that fateful night.
A police parade on Tuesday made matters worse for Jacque's fiancé as he was identified by four witnesses as the last person seen walking out of Monica Kimani's house on the night that she died on September 19.

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Although both Jacque and Irungu reported that there was a shooting incident that led to him getting a bullet wound, police say that findings state otherwise. Both neighbours and guards say that they did not hear any gunshots. Once an official medical report is released, it will be known if the injury Irungu sustained was indeed a bullet wound.
The two moved in together ever since Joe Irungu proposed to Jacque live on Instagram in July.
The story keeps getting twisted as Jacque was present during Irungu's arrest but absent when police when to search for her to assist in further investigations.
We will keep you updated as the story develops.

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Speculations Worsen As Jacque Maribe Reportedly Ignores Calls From Police

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