I Regret Nothing! Did Joe Irungu's Instagram Post Allude To His Real Job?

The increased scrutiny of Joe Irungu's Instagram account reveals secrets that many now speculate on the kind of work he did. He awaits the completion of police investigation while in their custody but reports show that he might have been a private mercenary.

In one of the posts, Irungu says "I regret nothing. #TheOnlyEasyDayWasYesterday.
He was clad in military gear in this post.

The post was before he was arrested and replies on his timeline alluded that he could have meant he does not regret what he does for work.

You're Dealing With A Dangerous Man, Neighbours Say Of Murder Suspect Joe Irungu

Standard Digital reports that one of the replies in this particular post was by an individual closely linked to the Jubilee Party and sections of a well-known family in the country.
Another user asked him: “Not even the countless people you have murdered?”
What follows is strange as  Irungu’s friend, who has a well known name replied: “My guy, your name is Hermes and you can talk, read your history.”
Jowie then answers by posting a grinning emoji  and says: “Watapona”.

A post shared by Joe (@jowie.jowi) on
Daily Updates has reported in previous articles that Joe Irungu was known in the high circles where he often went to share drinks with the upper class of this country.

We can only follow a rational though process and question the events leading to the murder of Monica Kimani. That it was conducted by a professional, we cannot deny. That it was premeditated, we can also not deny.

The final say lies with the police.

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