ColoChinization! Video Of Chinese Kids Singing In Kikuyu

There are here to stay. A video of Chinese children singing a famous Kikuyu song has surfaced online. It's hilarious but goes to show that the Chinese are actually integrating into Kenyan culture, and that they are not going anywhere.

A video of a group of Chinese children has hit the interwebs, while they sing a famous Kikuyu song called "Kanyoni Kaja".

The song, which is a classic in Kikuyu culture is known as a playtime song for many children in Kenya.

To see it being sang by Chinese children means they are embracing African arts and culture, which is an indication of individuals integrating into the traditions of a nation whose ties with China keep growing stronger.

The Chinese government has expanded it's interests in Africa and Kenya acts as the hub in the East Africa regions with investments in infrastructure and other facilities in the region. However, huge debts incurred by Kenya portend interesting times for the East African powerhouse as recent news shows that China is strict with defaulters of their loans.

Here is the video;


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