PLO Lumumba Deported From Zambia, Termed A Security Threat

The Government of Zambia has today denied Kenyan legal scholar PLO Lumumba entry to their country for reasons they termed as "threats to security". In a report by Lusaka Times , a stampede ensued after disagreements happened and Mr. Lumumba was put in a plane back to Kenya.

Zambian authorities and Zambian media confirmed that the scholar was vetted and did not pass the required conditions to enter the country. The immigration department has the right to deny entry to any individual they consider a threat or not qualified to enter their country.

Prof. Lumumba was deported a short period after he landed at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka on Saturday afternoon.

He was set to give a public lecture on China-Africa relations on Saturday night at Eden University.

The topic for his public lecture was “Africa in the age of China influence and global geo-dynamics.”

It is possible that senior officials in the Zambian government opted for this move due to the growing Chinese influence in the country.

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