Who Started The Rumour That Monica Kimani Was Employed At The Kenyan Embassy In Juba?

The mystery of the murder of the 28 year old businesswoman, Monica Kimani is as strange as it is twisted. The Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs now say that they have no record of the employment of Monica Kimani in their database. This throws a spanner into the works as most reports, indicated that she worked for the Kenyan embassy in Juba.

Who started this rumour? Rumours are always almost based on some truth and it is possible that Monica might have joked to friends that she worked at the Embassy.

Her flashy lifestyle showed a woman who made good money and her father said that she ran the family business in Juba.

The main suspect in the murder, Joe Irungu, is also a man of mystery, as it is said he worked in Dubai and Afghanistan at some point as private security.

It is unlikely that the claim of employment at the Embassy surfaced out of nothing. Considering her revealed links with a senior official in the South Sudanese government, the story takes intricate twists that can only allude to a web of cover ups and falsities.

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