😭😭Lights Out For KWS Ranger As Rhino Tramples On Him In Nakuru

An unfortunate incident at the Lake Nakuru Park has led to the loss of a Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) ranger who was guarding a rhino. Due to increased risk of poaching, KWS assigns rhinos to rangers who will keep track of the rhino as it roams around the park.

The deceased was attacked and trampled on by the rhino, which is classified among the most dangerous land mammals on earth. He was rescued and taken to hospital but he succumbed to his injuries.

Lake Nakuru's Senior Warden, Catherine Wambani confirmed the sad news and she added that indeed  it happened within the park.

Lobbyists have been fighting for increase in remuneration and equipment support for rangers as they deal with harsh conditions as they struggle to protect these precious animals that are our country's heritage.
Ms Wambani, out of respect, did not share the name of the deceases as the family had to be informed first.

Poaching incidents in the country are on the rise as illegal hunters up the ante to feed the hungry trophy market that is booming in South East Asia and China.
There have been several cases of rangers being attacked are not few and five rangers were awarded, posthumously, for their role in the fight against poaching.

The increased demand of these trophies has seen poachers acquire automatic weapons and advanced technology that is distorting the playing field for KWS rangers.

May he rest in peace and may the Lord comfort the family.

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