Jacque Maribe Is Staring At Life Imprisonment With Wide Eyes

Jacque Maribe Is Staring At Life Imprisonment With Wide Eyes

Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe is currently under the custody of police and will answer to criminal charges in a court of law on Monday. 

Gigiri Police boss has confirmed that they took Jacque Maribe in and she will have to spend the entire weekend in police cells. The police have not confirmed the charges they will prefer against her but it is quite likely that she will be charged with aiding and abetting a crime.

Daily Updates understands that a gun and a bullet was found in Jacque Maribe's house in Lang'ata estate and she was grilled about the gun.
Maribe told the police that the gun belonged to her boyfriend Joe Irungu and that she had warned him about keeping it in the house. It is almost obvious that she will also be charged with being in possession of an unlicensed firearm.

Joseph Irungu is a key suspect in the murder of now buried Monica Kimani and is being held in Muthaiga until Wednesday. Should he be charged with the murder of the slain businesswoman, Jacque Maribe is going to be entangled in the case even much further.
Should the police decide that Jacque was Joe Irungu's accomplice, she will be charged with murder. An accomplice under Kenya's laws is someone who knowingly, voluntarily and with common interest, participates in the commission of a crime, and can be charged with the same crime(s) for which the accused will be tried.
The punishment for murder is life imprisonment or death.

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