Ultimate Test Of Power And Friendship. Can Denis Itumbi Get Jacque Maribe Out Of This Mess?

Ultimate Test Of Power And Friendship. Can Denis Itumbi Get Jacque Maribe Out Of This Mess?

It is an open secret that Jacque Maribe made it clear to the detectives who were questioning her that the case was going nowhere. She might have been alluding to the fact that she knows people in high places in this country.
The suspects in the Monica Kimani murder case are so powerful it is rumored that detectives had to wait for their boss George Kinoti to jet back from Germany before charging the suspects. George Kinoti is known not to fear influential people.
So, where does the power yielded by Jacque Maribe come from? Jacque Maribe and Dennis Itumbi are very close friends.
The rumors that they were dating, fueled by several pictures of both of them getting cosy in public, were only shot down and buried after Jacque Maribe said yes to Joe Irungu's marriage proposal.  Joe Irungu is the prime suspect in the murder of Monica Kimani.
Dennis Itumbi, who is the secretary of digital, innovations and diaspora communications in Jubilee government, is Jacque Maribe's connection in State House. Dennis Itumbi has not announced his intentions to use his closeness to power to help Jacque Maribe get out of this mess but it took his intervention to convince Jacque Maribe to come out of hiding.
In an interview, Dennis said he had talked to Jacque Maribe and she had accepted to tell her side of the story to the police. He further said that Jacque was a next door girl who had fallen in love and there was nothing wrong with falling in love.
Just some hours after the Dennis Itumbi statement, Jacque Maribe showed up at Kilimani Police Station accompanied by his father to record a statement. She later appeared again at Gigiri Police Station for further questioning and was finally arrested on Saturday in connection with Monica Kimani's murder.
In saying these nice things about Jacque, Dennis Itumbi sought to shape public opinion, albeit subtly, portraying Jacque Maribe as a victim whose only mistake was to fall in love with a wrong person(Joe Irungu alias Jowi is innocent until proven guilty).
This case is not only a test on the independence of investigating bodies but a test on Itumbi's true power especially after rumors flew around that he had been demoted from State House and is allegedly now operating from William Ruto's Harambee House Annex offices.
The police have not complained of interference with their work so far, and in court today asked that Jacque Maribe be detained further to allow them to conclude their investigations. The court ordered that Maribe be detained for 10 more days.


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Ultimate Test Of Power And Friendship. Can Denis Itumbi Get Jacque Maribe Out Of This Mess?

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