Why Joe Irungu Attempted To Kill Himself After Monica Kimani Murder

Why Joe Irungu Attempted To Kill Himself After Monica Kimani Murder

Details from highly credible sources indicate that Joseph Irungu alias Jowi may have shot himself in an apparent suicide mission moments before the police arrested him in connection with the murder of 29 year old Monica Kimani.
According to Citizen Television, which ran the story, Joseph Irungu tried to kill himself inside Jacque Maribe's house. Jacque Maribe is an employee of Citizen TV which has since sent her on a compulsory leave after she was arrested and is due to appear in court.
The gun used by Joe Irungu to shoot himself has also been discovered. The gun was discovered after a frantic hunt by the the police that led to three houses being ransacked. The owner of the gun, one Brian Kassaine Spira, has also been arrested.
Joe Irungu insists that he was shot by armed thugs and has totally denied the police theory that he tried to kill himself.
Partially burnt pieces of clothes were also discovered behind Jacque Maribe's house in Langata and have been taken in for DNA testing.

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