The Irony Of Kobi Kihara Reporting An Impersonator On Instagram

The Irony Of Kobi Kihara Reporting An Impersonator On Instagram

Kobi Kihara, of all people in the world, should be the last person to judge another. She was caught red handed portraying herself as someone she wasn't and as a result got called out so savagely she took a break from social media.
The lady has resurfaced but this time with a different mission. And the mission isn't being legit on the life she is living. No, she has resurfaced to report impersonators. She has been reporting social media users she feels aren't using their actual names, and/or are catfishes.
Knowing that she would be called out by her followers, Kobi disabled the comments feature on the post, therefore effectively gagging those who might have had divergent opinions.


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