Jacque Maribe In Court: A Look At Her Options

Disgraced TV presenter, Jacque Maribe was on Monday morning presented at the Kiambu Law courts on accusations of being an accessory to the murder of Monica Kimani. She faces risk of time in prison if found guilty of being involvement in the gruesome death.

Her lawyer Katwa Kigen asked the court to arbitrate on information that detectives have been putting Jacque under pressure to admit that she knew the deceased. Furthermore, he asked the court to make it easier to access his client, as he reported that since Jacque was arrested on Saturday, it has been very difficult to get to her.

..The prosecution are placing the cart before the horse by asking you to be part of the processes of the investigation and in that process violate the rights of the respondent.

He added that it was proper if Jacque would only be interviewed in the presence of her counsel.

In the event that Jacque pleads guilty after it is proven that she was indeed involved in the murder, the court might give a prison sentence that her lawyers will have a chance to appeal.

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However, if she pleads not guilty, and the prosecution fails to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that she was involved, then she could be let free.

Counsel Katwa Kigen asked the judge to give the prosecution until Wednesday to prepare their case.

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