Gun, Money, Clothes: This Is Why Jacque Maribe Was Arrested?

Unconfirmed reports paint a grim picture for Jacque Maribe, a picture in which irrefutable evidence makes things complicated. From evading police and lawyers earlier in the week, to conflicting statements from her fiance, Joe Irungu, this puzzle is fitting in faster that we thought.

News broke that the Citizen TV journalist was arrested on Saturday after she went back to the police to continue with investigations. Police said that they got new evidence against Ms Maribe, which makes matters difficult for her. She is due to appear in court on Monday.

While Joe Irungu remains the main murder suspect in the death of Monica Kimani, this new evidence makes Maribe a suspect in aiding the crime.
Journalist Dennis Onsarigo sympathized with his friend.

Presenter Leon Lidigu shared information about a bag reportedly found in Jacque Maribe's house and its contents, which belonged to Monica Kimani.

A known Twitter user shared that clothes belonging to the late Monica Kimani were found in Jacque's house.

If this evidence is anything to go by, then the case is solid and prosecutors might have a field day.

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