Is Raila Odinga The Main Reason Okoth Obado Is In Prison With Low-lifes?

Is Raila Odinga The Main Reason Okoth Obado Is In Prison With Low-lifes?

Migori County is a unique county as far as elections and how they conduct their local politics is concerned. Nominations are dotted with perennial violence that always guarantee the death of staunch supporters of political opponents.

When the Migori senatorial seat became vacant after veteran journalist Ben Oluoch Okello succumbed to cancer, Governor Okoth Obado's arch enemy Ochilo Ayacko made clear his intentions to run for the seat.
Okoth Obado did not waste time in announcing publicly that he would not support Ochilo's bid during the party nominations. In an unprecedented move, the party decided that it would not conduct competitive nominations and instead gave Ochilo Ayacko a direct ticket to battle it out with Eddy Oketch and Dalmas Otieno.
The party gave a directive that all ODM elected leaders gang up and campaign for Ochilo Ayacko. In open defiance, Okoth Obado endorsed Dalmas Otieno for the seat and even swore to campaign for him. Dalmas Otieno has since dropped out of the race to take up an appointment as a board member of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.
The battle was just shaping up when the Sharon Otieno situation happened. Obado was adversely mentioned and is in fact being currently held at the Industrial Area remand prison as he awaits his bail application hearing.
Sources close to the party nucleus say that Okoth Obado begged Raila Odinga to intervene just when his name was beginning to adversely get mentioned in the capital offense case.
Neither Odinga nor Obado have confirmed that such a thing happened. However, it is key to mention that some sources say Obado told investigating bodies that he was in a meeting with Ida Odinga when the murder happened.
Okoth Obado, a charismatic man of the people who has a cultic following in South Nyanza, is going through the hardest humiliation a public figure holding a public office has ever been dealt. Many of his supporters see Raila's hand in his woes.
The case is being expedited and while the clear and most reasonable explanation is that George Kinoti's DCI is more efficient than Ndegwa Muhoro's, conspiracy theorists believe that he is being kept behind bars so that his political fortunes may be overturned.
With his movements restricted, it is almost impossible for him to have any significant influence in the ongoing campaigns in Migori. Ochilo will have a landslide victory which he plans to use to ascend to power once Obado's last term expires.
It will be interesting to watch how this story ends.


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