Jacque Maribe's Lawyer Expresses Frustration Over Access To His Client

Katwa Kigen, the lawyer representing Jacque Maribe, has expressed frustration over the way the police have made it difficult to access his client. Speaking in a submission when Ms Maribe was presented at the Kiambu Law Courts, Mr Kigen said his client is under "a lot of pressure".

He said, "The scenario you are being invited to is a situation where the prosecution is placing the cart before the horse, by asking you to be party to the process of investigation, and in that process to violate the rights of a party"

"Your honor, we pray and plead, to what is called in law, the conscience of a judge: that your honor, you recall your duty to be an arbitrator between ourselves and the prosecution, and not to lend your hand to the prosecution , especially the hand that is being sold to violate the rights of my client."

"Your honor, we also pray, that in that period, there be reasonable access to the accused,(sorry, to the respondent), for her counsel."

"Your honor, since her incarceration on Saturday, it has sometimes been very difficult to access her. And when access is granted, it has been made available in a public place, which makes it very difficult for the confidential conversation that is necessary between a client and her advocate."

He also requested the judge to stop any more recording of statements as her client admitted that she was under alot of pressure to say she knew Monica Kimani, even though she refused to acknowledge that she knew the deceased.

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