Dilemma! Why It Is So Difficult To Snitch On A Murder Suspect

Dilemma! Why It Is So Difficult To Snitch On A Murder Suspect

Jacque Maribe is between a rock and a hard place, there is no doubt about that. Researchers say that love is a compulsive disorder, and that we do things for our loved ones; things we would not often do.
Why did it take long for Jacque Maribe to come out and write another statement with the police? What was she afraid of?

It's a proven fact that it is difficult for people to tell on or snitch on people who are under investigation. There are two main reasons for this;

In The Name Of Love

Compulsive disorder will force you to do things you usually consider wrong. Love will tell you not to betray your partner.

Is it a matter of "till death do us part? in sickness and in health". The couple showed love moments on social media and we believe they really were in love. Either way, it is obvious that Jacque Maribe was in love. She had found the love of her life.
Did she decide to cover up or lie for her fiance, Joe Irungu to protect him?

In The Name Of Fear

Reports suggest that Joe Irungu was a dangerous man. A man who has worked as private security is one hardened by such situations and most of the time, cold.
Was Jacque afraid of snitching on Joe for her own safety?

We reported earlier that rumours indicate that mercenaries or colleagues of Joe Irungu from his overseas unit are in the country. Was it risky for Jacque to spill what she knows?
Considering that her fiancé is a man with high profile connections, it could be possible that her best bet was to keep quiet. For the sake of her family.

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