Think You Have Seen Them All? The US Navy Shows Off The Mother Of All Weapons (VIDEO).

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From atomic missiles to nuclear warheads to the widest range of combat weapons, the United States of America has them all. However, so do China, Russia, and other world powers.
In their quest to stamp their authority as the superpower, the US Navy has designed a deadly laser weapon. A laser is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. Simply put, it uses light for a variety of tasks such as measuring range and speed.
Recently, in an exclusive coverage by CNN, the Navy officers showed how a laser device could be used to blow targets and even shoot down drones. One Navy Captain commented how the device was more precise than a bullet. Compared to other weapons, it does not miss. Furthermore, it is silent and works at the speed of light. Built at a cost of about $40 million, the device has its own generator and the cost of one shot is one dollar.
In the video, a Navy officer is seen adjusting the device to the target before pressing a button and moments later we see a boat being blown apart.
Clearly, Donald Trump has access to terrifying weapons and the United States are the only nation in the world who have it. The military is still working on other weapons that will be better than this. How about that.
Watch the full video here

Source: CNN

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