Hypocrite! Kenyans Abuse Grace Msalame For Supporting Jubilee, She Reveals Her Tribe

Grace Msalame Hips Photos Hot Photos Endorse Uhuru Kenyatta Jubilee Twins

Hell has broken loose for Grace Msalame since she decided to make her political stand public. She announced her endorsement of Uhuru's second term on her social media pages after what she termed a period of being lukewarm.
But now the curvy TV personality is receiving backlash from her followers who claim she should not mix the gospel and her own selfish gains.
Grace Msalame has her own style of politics. She quotes the Bible in every political statement she makes. This has irked many who are now calling her a hypocrite.
In one of the Jubilee rallies she attended alongside veteran gospel musician Rufftone and Size 8, she starts her Facebook post by saying:
Walk boldly in your Convictions! For when God calls our Job is simple OBEDIENCE.
She then goes ahead to quote Uhuru Kenyatta who urged Kenyans to vote in peace and to love each other.
Her earlier endorsement post had many saying the endorsement was tribe related. Grace Msalame clarified that her tribe is a mixture of Taita and Kikuyu. She went ahead to inform her fans that her sister is married to a Luhya.
Many have asked what is in this endorsement for Grace Msalame. Kenyan artists and celebrities are known all over the world to be the most selfish of their kind. They only do things that benefit them and only them.
Considering her experience in PR, this could be a job she was hired to do and there are very high chances that this endorsement did not come out of pure political consciousness.
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