Am I Fat? Here Is How To Answer Her

In this age of cosmetic beauty and Hollywood movies, many women have acquired insecurities on how they look. Comparing themselves to celebrities and famous women, they place themselves in standards that are truly hard to reach. To add to the problem, TV Shows such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians are not helping.

Closer home, what do you do when your woman asks you if she is fat?

The definition of ‘fat’ is truly relative because some of these factors lie in the eyes of the beholder. Whatever you call fat to you may not be to me.

When your wife/girlfriend or friend asks you if she is fat, just say NO and smile. If she persists, do not at any time change your answer. Sometimes your girl thinks she's fat but she isn't/

A scientific study done by the Journal of Eating Disorders interviewed 900 women aged between 18 and 87 about their overall body dissatisfaction.

It reinforced the saying that you should never question your wife’s weight or even dare answer questions about it. Furthermore, this perception of better body image is also achieved by not mention or asking about their age.

The pressure is more on women because of double standards in the film and music industry. Older male celebrities are termed as ‘hot’ or ‘classy’, while older female celebrities do not enjoy the same.

This deadly combination of age and weight question is a sensitive topic for women. So next time, do not hurt her feelings. Just reassure her that everything is okay. 

If you must tell her, then show by actions. Start an exercise regime and you will have challenged her to join you. Do not tell her to her face, you might ruin everything and hurt her self-esteem.

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