Robbers Make Away With 15 Million Ksh From Chinese SGR Workers

The Kenya Standard Gauge Railway (SGR)

A strange robbery incident involving Chinese personnel working for the Kenyan SGR has police scratching their heads. On Thursday night, five masked men broke into the Chinese workers' Karen home and made away with cash and valuables worth 15 million shillings.

Although the house did not show any sign of forced entry, the police suspect that they robbers had a key or other means to access the door. What puzzled the officers was that guards working at the home said they never heard any commotion during the robbery. This made the whole incident very questionable.

The construction of the Standard Gauge Railway was funded by the Chinese Government and in the process, many Chinese nationals moved into Kenya as engineers and logistic personnel.

In an earlier incident in January, two policewomen were charged with robbing Chinese nationals a sum of 10 million shillings.
The robbery victims were also employees of the same company that built the railway line from Mombasa to Nairobi and is currently in its second phase for the section to Kisumu.

It is expected that these employees still withdraw large sums of money and has thus raised the interest of robbers who want to make quick money.

The matter is still being investigated and it remains to be seen if any culprits will be brought to book.

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