Shocking! James Orengo Releases Full Details Of Jubilee Rigging Plans!!! [BREAKING NEWS]

Senator James Orengo has revealed shocking details of Jubilee rigging claims. Speaking at the Uhuru Park rally, he read a step by step detailed plan by Jubilee to steal the votes. Here are the points he spoke about.
  • Corporal James Ndung'u,  Corporal Lenard Barongo, Corporal Linton Nyaga, Sergent Richard Serem, Chief Inspector Francis Kimemia and other nine police officers raided NASA tallying center at Sifa Towers.
  • The police officers in the raid used a vehicle with the number plate KAB 855. The color of the vehicle was white.
  • The Kenyan government has arrest and deported 2 Ghanaian citizens, one American and a Canadian. The US ambassador has confirmed the deportation.
  •  Jubilee government plans to add to their votes 10-15 votes from 16000 strongholds across the country through electronic top up.
  • Jubilee has created a communication channel at the IEBC headquarters to execute their plan. This is why Chris Msando was eliminated.
  • There will be a periodic addition of 1 - 2 votes into the Kenya Integrated Election Management System through a software that has been incorporated into the system.
  • An IT expert called Alex Kioni has been appointed to replace Chris Msando. He is the son of Esau Kioni and will be helped by his brother a Ben Kioni.
James Orengo went further to provide the details of how they planned to curb the rigging. Here are the details as transcribed from the lawyer.
  • The results announced at the constituency level must be the ones announced at the national level.
  • NASA to announce, add and transmit alongside IEBC.
  • Only signed forms will be used by the IEBC to retrieve results.
Every detail provided in this report is purely Orengo's words and nothing has been added by our news team.

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