Why Trusting The Kenyan Mainstream Media May Not Be Your Best Bet

In a sad turn of events, news reporting has become a game of MUSICAL CHAIRS for we cannot be sure what to believe and what to ignore. Especially during this election period, mainstream houses have been rushing to be the first to break news to the public.

Time and time again, this information has led to confusion leading to distrust of the mainstream media houses we have known as protectors of integrity and truth.
On Friday night, the media broke out with the following story;

Several minutes later, the media houses came up with this next piece of news:

When everything had calmed down, on Saturday morning, a press statement issued to the press, read in part;

Pictures of the alleged raid on the NASA Sifa Tower Offices also showed up online;

Then, in an interesting twist, the media took up the matter again yet they earlier reported it as untrue;

Earlier this week, news broke that KDF Spokesman, J.M. Owuoth was missing. This claim later came out to be untrue.

In their quest to be the first to break the news, mainstream media are really messing up their street cred by making Kenyans question all the news.
Ideally, all news should be verified first before posting to the public to prevent confusion. Citizens are advised to verify source of their information before sharing it out and causing unnecessary tension.

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