Shisha Diaries: Fat Risper To Undergo Liposuction Before Wedding

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Struggling video vixen and Nairobi Diaries star Risper Faith has made the announcement that she will undergo liposuction before her wedding. Responding to her "haters", she said she is never going to stop eating meat and junk food.
The socialite who first came to the public limelight through a video appearance in one of Blaqy's songs made this announcement with a plate of what appeared to be goat meat in front of her. She was having lunch with her boyfriend Brian and Michelle Yola during the shoot of one of Nairobi Diaries scenes. Brian and Risper appear as a couple in the show.
According to Internet dictionaries, liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery that removes fat from the human body in an attempt to change its shape. She will perhaps be undergoing the surgery to remove some fat from around her waist and legs.
In the same scene, Michelle Yola revealed to the public that she is dating a white man in a tone that illustrated the members of the show's obsession with white men. Luwi, another cast member, referred to himself as white while Getrude Murunga reminded another Serah Molly that she was dating a white man.
Brian and Risper are expected to wed soon though they have not officially communicated the exact dates to their fans.

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