Trump To End The Green Card Program: Trouble For Africans With The American Dream

Green Card Application Kenya Africa End

The Green Card lottery program that has helped 17,000 Kenyans to gain United States permanent residency could be on its deathbed after Donald Trump endorsed a legislation that seeks to replace it with a merit based immigration system.
The new system seeks to rank applicants based on their level of work experience, family ties and education. People who can support themselves financially and be able to speak English will be more advantaged.
Africans have been the biggest beneficiary of the Green Card accounting for more than half of the people granted permanent residency status by the program. There was a point at which Nigeria was barred from participating.
The White House said the outdated Green Card serves questionable economic and humanitarian interests.
One of the Bill's lead sponsors, Tom Cotton said the Green Card should not be viewed as American generosity but lack of commitment to the struggling American middle class. He also stressed that there is need to change that.
This is a big blow to Africans and citizens of the Middle East countries fleeing political unrest, hunger and cultural oppression. They also flee to America for better opportunities in health, education and work.

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