Shocking Autopsy Results: This Is How Chris Msando Was Murdered

Slain IEBC data center and infrastructure boss was strangled by someone's bare hands to death. The autopsy reveals he had a collapsed trachea and the fact that he had no marks in the necks show the men who killed him used their bare hands to finish him off. 
The man also had incisions in his arms indicate his killers caused him untold pain before killing him. Whether they were extracting information from him or not is not clear yet.
Strangling with the hands, also known as throttling or manual strangulation, leads to the frightening sensation of air hunger and may induce violent struggling. It is an extremely painful experience because of the pressure and obstruction of air flow involved.
The body of the lady murdered alongside Chris Msando, Carol Ngumbu, awaits autopsy tomorrow to reveal the cause of her death. This could aid in the investigations to the murders. The family has begged the government to access the offers of help in investigations from the government of United Kingdom and United States.

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